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#WikiAPA: We’re Live (blogging)


11am EST: Good morning folks! It’s a beautiful sunny (slightly humid but in the good way?) day here in New York City. Folks are starting to make their way to Coalition for Queens, greeted with fresh-baked nomnomonom from Chinatown. We’re sorting out the first articles to edit, and are just about ready to go with #WikiAPA! Can’t wait for the DC event to start soon!



12:30pm EST: #WikiAPA is in full swing, with DC, NYC, Providence & Austin going strong and the West Coast tuning in! It’s around lunchtime now, check out all the eats happening throughout our events!


What goes best with outdoor editing at Brown University? FRIED CHICKEN!!!! Ok, fried chicken goes best with everything.


Filipino food from Tito Rad’s in Queens!!! It’s very…well, rad.


Touché, LA, touché.

1:30pm EST: While we digested our grease here in NYC, Nancy Bulalacao came to speak about the Filipino American Museum, currently in the process of securing a spot to become the first museum of its kind. Much like what we’re doing today at #WikiAPA, FAM seeks to establish understanding and embrace for narratives that are often left out of mainstream sources. Thanks, Nancy, for leading an awesome discussion on building a global Asian Pacific America!



2:30pm: What can we say? We’ve been #NerdingHard across the country!


Seasoned Wikipedians came through to help show the ropes for those logging in for the first time.


At the Smithsonian American Art Museum in DC, SmithsonianAPA’s Masum Momaya and Lawrence-Minh Bui Davis talk about the importance of APA scholarship on Wikipedia.


Asian Pacific America is such a vast field. In each city, we’ve suggested focuses relevant to the local communities. In Queens, that includes immigrant populations, particularly Filipino Americans and Southeast Asian Americans.

4pm EST: After a sweeeeeet editing session, we took another break to be reminded of why we do what we do. The wonderful Patricia Lee from our co-sponsor spoke on the importance of acknowledging the experiences of immigrants from all backgrounds in our Asian Pacific American narrative. Snaps snaps to that!


We were also treated to a prose and poetry reading by Jordan Alam, founder of Project As[I]Am, dedicated to unearthing the stories of historically-marginalized APA communities (sense a theme here?).


6pm EST: We went a bit overtime in NYC, y’all. The editing was strong across the country. We made some amazing change today! Our next step is to instill a culture of APA scholarship across frequently-used information sources like Wikipedia. We’ll develop and present a framework for future #WikiAPA’s to follow. Stay tuned!

A big fat thank you to all of our partners who made #WikiAPA a whopping success:
Coalition For Queens
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Wikimedia DC
Wikimedia NYC
Andrew Lih
Asian American Writers Workshop
Filipino American Museum
Project As[I]Am
Asian Cinevision
Asian American Resource Center, Austin
Asian American Librarians Association
Los Angeles Public Library
UC San Diego Library
Brown University