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The Whale in My Swimming Pool by Joyce Wan

Whale in My Swimming Pool by Joyce Wan on BookDragon“Race you to the pool!” an excited little boy sporting bright red trunks shouts on his way out to his backyard. But he’s forced to come full stop because of … “Whoa … A whale?!”

Why, yes, a turquoise oversized fish has taken over the boy’s polka-dotted pool. Even the birds and squirrels aren’t quite sure what to do. “Mooooooom, there’s a whale in my swimming pool,” the boy plaintively reports. But that book she’s reading, or maybe the scorch of the summer heat, has her distracted because Mommy’s only reaction is “Great, honey. Don’t forget about sunscreen.”

Realizing he’s not going to get any maternal guidance [I’m guessing Mommy’s utterly absorbed by J.M. Lee’s riveting blockbuster-to-be, The Investigation!], the boy tries all manner of ways to reclaim his water, from wishing-will-make-it-so-denial, to offering some pushy help, to providing an alternate water venue (next door with the shark), ahem!

After an eventual “Arrrghhh!!!!,” the boy figures out how to have – couldn’t resist – a whale of a good time. At least until he’s called in for naptime. Wouldn’t you know … waiting in his room is yet another oversized surprise!

Author and illustrator Joyce Wan’s bold, colorful style is in perfect cahoots with her delightful story of young ingenuity and tested patience. With just a few lines, Wan gives both the boy and the whale a palate of perfect expressions as the boy attempts over and over again to get wet. Wan’s wry, sly humor is evident throughout, from the family portrait hall, to fabulous close-ups, to the pink-piggied bribery attempt, to the rock star red Ray-Bans, to the beary-float that hints at what’s to come.

Amusing and adorable, charming and captivating, this is one adventure your young ’uns will want to jump into again and again and again.

Readers: Children

Published: 2015