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For Time and All Eternities [A Linda Wallheim Mystery] by Mette Ivie Harrison [in Library Journal]

In thrice voicing Linda Wallheim, the Mormon bishop’s murder-solving wife, Kirsten Potter has settled comfortably into a quixotic emotional range that can move from stiff politeness to philosophical musing to overwrought shrillness without much warning.

Confronted with a third dead body – “How does this always happen to you?” Linda’s bishop husband Kurt intones – during a first visit with her son’s future in-laws, Linda decides she won’t leave the Carter compound until she’s found out who killed the polygamous patriarch. With her own son’s future at stake, Linda can’t turn away from investigating the complicated relationships among the five Carter wives and their 22 children.

For CD-seeking audiences, be warned: unnecessarily long silences between chapters and Potter’s breathy pauses could have easily been minimized; far worse, the final disc of the review copy ends three pages before the book’s end. Also missing is Harrison’s “Author’s Note,” which provides enhancing insight into Mormon polygamy and the Church’s 2015 “Exclusion Policy,” which severely threatens the Mormon LGBTQ community and allies and finding solace with like-minded progressive Mormons.

Verdict: Libraries might check for corrected CDs before ordering, or at least lend with the final pages included in the case.

Review: “Audio,” Library Journal, June 1, 2017

Readers: Adult

Published: 2017