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Ninja! by Arree Chung

Ninja by Arree Chung on BookDragonThe text here is all about serious preparation (“a thick ninja stick”), effective tactics (“must master the element of … SURPRISE!”), and show proper follow-through on reaching the ultimate goal (“must … remain undetected, and find the sacred cup”). The energetic, engaging illustrations tell a somewhat different story, highlighting humor and adventure with nonstop delight. Debut author Arree Chung has definitely figured out the perfect combination for a knock-out punch indeed.

Our courageous ninja begins in his father’s closet (who surely has a penchant for purple attire), where he finds the perfect polka-dotted headband to inspire his next mission. He “sneaks, creeps, tumbles, hides, and is fast on his feet.” His obstacles are many – from the actual to the imaginary (dragons unite!). He’s got quite an ambitious plan … but as long as he “believe[s] in his ability to rebound and overcome all challenges,” success is just around the corner. Right??!!

Well … so Mommy might have an alternative opinion about how it all goes down (thank goodness Baby Sister is still teachable, ahem!), but then life is all about perspective, right?

Readers: Children

Published: 2014