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Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, illustrated by Ricardo Cortés

Go the F__k to SleepWarning: NO NO NO! This is NOT to share with your kiddies, at least not until they’re much older … and most effectively when they become parents themselves, walking around bleary-eyed and desperate, while you try hard not to snicker with holier-than-thou thoughts of ‘now you know’!

As a recent insomniac myself, this is my new favorite bedtime story. As a parent who survived a child who never ever slept (and 15 years later, still needs her routine of story, song, tuck-in, kiss, kiss, ‘I love you,’ kiss, kiss, ‘see you in the morning’ kiss, kiss some more!!), this is actually my new bible!

I am clearly not alone in my devoted appreciation: Sleep hit bestseller lists and made industry headlines even before its official publication date (today), which was moved up from October because of public demand. The substantial inaugural print run (upped to 275,000-plus and expected to be higher by release date) is long spoken for, having bypassed the chance to even hit bookstore shelves. Obviously, parents have been more than ready for a bit of potty-mouthed, satiric, over-the-moon-hysterical fun. Being so deprived of our zzzzs, the only other alternative is to weep.

Even though a rogue PDF is floating around (the supposed-to-be-secret prepub file sent to booksellers just happened to go viral), and a YouTube video will actually read all 32 pages to you with mounting gusto in less than 4.5 minutes, TRY to hold out for the actual book. Nothing can match your own self-discovery with your very own (exhausted) eyeballs – especially since illustrator Ricardo Cortés makes sure that every parent of every color’s bundle of sleepless joy is included! Ethnic equity aside, the sheer honesty of the title alone should be enough inducement to hit that ‘order now’ button!

Tibit: This just in … Samuel L. Jackson reads the hysterical book … and lets you listen for FREE!

Readers: Adult

Published: 2011


  • LOL thanks for this. Sorry but I couldn’t wait and I searched for the Youtube version you mentioned. Hilarious. I’ll check out the printed version as well when it comes out in bookstores.. but just curious now — do you think they’d sell it under “children’s stories” or under “humor” section?

    • You know what they say about curiosity!!

      But we all need to laugh more, so glad you got a good giggle or two. Do check out the real book … Nothing like having the hilarity right there in your own hands!!

      I am SURE you will not find this title in ANY kiddie sections. Definitely adult humor. And how lucky are we that we can all laugh at ourselves in unison!!

      Thanks for visiting BookDragon! Come back soon!