The Peculiar Spectacular of Kumar & Co.

Aug 21, 2014

Dipak Pallana on untold tales of a guru, father, friend and more by Santhosh Daniel The story of Kumar Pallana has no standard measure.  It is simultaneously long and short, unusual and cliché, comic and soulful.  And for most people, it defies all convention and simply slips through the fingers. For example, if you were […]


May 11, 2014

by Priya Chhaya If there is something I love more than telling (hi)stories, it is listening to them. As I’ve learned over the years there is never just one beginning, one middle, or one end–our histories are an endless ribbon of time with knots, frayed edges, and snags that shift with time. When I walked […]

Yoga in America: 10 Things You Should Know

Feb 26, 2013

By Emily Vallerga, Spring 2013 intern Yoga has a long and involved history in America. Some aspects of it are better known than others. It started as an unpopular tradition, evolved into a time-consuming practice for the wealthy, morphed into a fitness regimen, later became known for its spirituality and is now available in many […]

Reflections on 9/11

Sep 9, 2011

by Pawan Dhingra It is impossible to tell “The Story” of 9/11 for the nation or even for a single community. Yet, given HomeSpun’s role as helping tell the stories of Indian Americans, it is important to give voice to some part of this experience, so here I share part of my own. I was […]

“Sim Sim Salabim!” Insight into Indian Mysticism

Aug 4, 2011

by Ted Young (Summer 2011 intern) If I relied on nothing else other than popular culture to inform me about Indians and Indian Americans I would think that they all have mystical powers somehow related to their religious beliefs… Oh yeah, also they love to dance. Until this summer, when I started doing research for […]

Preserving the Past in India and the United States

Jul 25, 2011
Preserving the Past in India and the United States

by Priya Chhaya My day job (when I’m not thinking about blog posts for HomeSpun) is working as an employee for the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP). We’re a non-profit organization that works to preserve and protect the places that matter to all Americans—through advocacy work, education, and community development. Most recently we released […]

Witnessing the Dream, Searching for Stories

Jun 15, 2011

by Priya Chhaya With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope. –Martin Luther King, Jr. Earlier this month I attended a sneak peek of the new memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr. located in Washington, D.C. next to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. The […]

The rise of the Indian American Politician

Nov 24, 2009

by Nina Sudhakar “Politics as usual” in the United States has frequently been stereotyped as the exclusive domain of old, white males. However, the past several years (and particularly the most recent election) have indicated that serious inroads are being made regarding minority participation in politics. A recent trend to note is an increase in […]