The Peculiar Spectacular of Kumar & Co.

Aug 21, 2014

Dipak Pallana on untold tales of a guru, father, friend and more by Santhosh Daniel The story of Kumar Pallana has no standard measure.  It is simultaneously long and short, unusual and cliché, comic and soulful.  And for most people, it defies all convention and simply slips through the fingers. For example, if you were […]

Growing Up Indian in America

Jan 8, 2013

By Lavina Melwani Does your family try to smuggle Tupperware containers filled with daal chaval into Disneyland? Do your parents have drawers full of ketchup packages from McDonalds? Do your parents yell into the phone even when they are not calling India? Does your family own a Toyota or a Honda? If you answered yes […]

Happy Indian Independence Day!

Aug 15, 2012

On this anniversary of India’s independence, as an Indian American I am thrilled to be part of a project at the Smithsonian that will be the first exhibition to recognize our incredible legacy. Just as our ancestors fought for the right to determine their own destiny, this exhibition will allow us to tell our own […]

My Silver Gods Come to America

Mar 20, 2012

We are excited to announce that Lavina Melwani is a new blogger for the Smithsonian Indian American Heritage Project. By Lavina Melwani For many Indians living in America, India is the talisman, the sacred thread around their wrists, which connects them to the past and their changing tomorrows. Visit any Indian American family and there […]

How Doc Met Lady J

Feb 14, 2012

HomeSpun is excited to share a blog by Simi Singh Juneja of Scottsdale, Arizona, as she recalls a story well suited for Valentine’s Day. The fond memories of how her father (Dr. Amarjit Singh) met her mother (Ms. Jagdish Singh) before their arranged marriage in Delhi is retold just as Simi heard it as a […]

The Story

Jan 12, 2012
The Story

by Priya Chhaya I love listening to the story. We all have one, a narrative about how we came to America, how someone in our family made a choice to leave a home in one country and create a new one in another. While each of these stories is fleshed out with common elements, it […]

You Can Take It With You

Sep 9, 2011
You Can Take It With You

by Priya Chhaya Moving. A room once full of books, electronics, posters, and photographs now bare. Each item packed away into cardboard boxes that all look the same. Boxes, filled with nearly everything you own in two cars. Moving Out. Two words that mean so much more than just the act of packing up your […]

It Must Be That Time of Year!

May 9, 2011

by Rajshree Solanki “Raj! Lauren was taught a song at school,” Lauren peeked behind her grandmother’s legs and sheepishly looked at me.  “Her friend’s mother came into class and taught them an Indian song.  Lauren, would you like to sing it to Raj?” Five year old Lauren nodded slightly and came from around her grandmother’s […]

One Country, Different Cultures

Mar 7, 2011

by Priya Chhaya Everyone always tells you how complicated planning a wedding is, but I never actually understood until I found myself knee deep in working on address labels for invitations, multiple tastings for Indian food (not necessarily a bad thing) and trying to figure out what to say during my sister-of-the-bride speech. Then there’s […]

Getting to Know You: Making Connections

Oct 16, 2010

by Priya Chhaya When I was younger there were three things that I feared when my parents told us we were taking a family trip to India. The lack of American/European toilets (something that has mostly ceased to be a problem), spending time with cousins I barely knew, and consequently wasn’t sure I liked, and […]

Dr. Mehta Found a Lump

Oct 7, 2010

by Rajshree Solanki Dr. Mehta found a lump my mom’s breast. I just found this out after calling my sister to wish her a happy birthday. “Did Dad tell you that Mom is going to Surgical Associates tomorrow because of a lump in her breast? “What?” “Dr. Mehta found a lump and decided to send […]

A country of contrasts

Sep 14, 2009

by Avani Nadkarni It’s almost like a rite of passage for any Indian-American born to immigrant parents: the trip back to the subcontinent. I have gone “back” to India approximately every four years since I was four years old, taking the 24-hour journey from Seattle directly across the world to Mumbai. When I was younger, […]