The Peculiar Spectacular of Kumar & Co.

Aug 21, 2014

Dipak Pallana on untold tales of a guru, father, friend and more by Santhosh Daniel The story of Kumar Pallana has no standard measure.  It is simultaneously long and short, unusual and cliché, comic and soulful.  And for most people, it defies all convention and simply slips through the fingers. For example, if you were […]

Culturally Appropriate or Cultural Appropriation? A Few Thoughts

Sep 30, 2013
Culturally Appropriate or Cultural Appropriation?  A Few Thoughts

by Priya Chhaya In early April, pop star Selena Gomez incited media buzz when she appeared in public wearing a bindi. She is not the first celebrity to wear something Indian, but I have to ask: Should I feel offended that someone has chosen to appropriate a piece of Indian cultural identity for entertainment? Or […]

Call for Submissions: Be(com)ing Desi in America

Jul 17, 2013

Call for Submissions: Be(com)ing Desi in America An Exhibition and Performances by Subcontinental Drift in collaboration with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. In February 2014 in Washington, D.C., Subcontinental Drift, in collaboration with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, will present a visual and performing arts exhibition entitled Be(com)ing Desi in America. This exhibition […]

Indian American Filmmakers: Telling Their Own Stories

Jun 12, 2012

By Lavina Melwani If there’s one thing that Indians across the world share, it’s their love for movies. As newborns, they are weaned on cinema by star-struck parents and as toddlers, their first steps are mingled with dance steps learned from Bollywood movies on video. School kids can rattle off famous dialogue from Hindi films […]

Jay Leno and the Golden Temple

Feb 27, 2012

by Rajshree Solanki So have you heard the one about Jay Leno and the Golden Temple? A recent sketch on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (aired January 19th) featured a clip of the Republican candidates and their summer homes. The last image was supposed to be the summer home of Mitt Romney. The image […]

Indian American Jazz Artists Create Their Own Sound

Feb 1, 2012

by Pawan Dhingra I once saw Ravi Coltrane play in a small club in New York City, about 15 years ago. I knew he was John Coltrane’s son and I thought it interesting that he had an Indian first name. I learned soon after that he was named after Ravi Shankar. John Coltrane had a […]

Culture Sampling: South Asian Hip-Hop Concert Celebrates Desi Artists

Oct 18, 2011

by Aditya Desai The District’s cultural nerve center in the U Street corridor was host to a South Asian hip-hop concert last month, showcasing performances by Indian American MCs, rappers, beat-boxers, and dancers. The concert, dubbed Drift Elemental and hosted by local South Asian arts organization Subcontinental Drift, drew a heavy crowd on Friday, both […]

“Sim Sim Salabim!” Insight into Indian Mysticism

Aug 4, 2011

by Ted Young (Summer 2011 intern) If I relied on nothing else other than popular culture to inform me about Indians and Indian Americans I would think that they all have mystical powers somehow related to their religious beliefs… Oh yeah, also they love to dance. Until this summer, when I started doing research for […]

Come As You Are: Maximum India

Mar 24, 2011

by Priya Chhaya Suspended from the ceiling A map filled with arts Culture Symbols Dancing over a wheel, a chakra Calling for virtue from the people. And at the crowded, energetic stage Sounds of Rajasthan flow into the melody of the violin Embrace the dance styling of Punjabi rhythm Din. Dinaka. Din Din. Dinaka. Din […]

Kudos to Archie Panjabi, TV star and Emmy winner

Sep 2, 2010

by Aditya Desai I don’t get much time to watch TV, and so one can imagine that I wouldn’t have much interest in tuning into the Emmy Awards. However, I was very delighted to read the headlines and see that British Indian actress Archie Panjabi snagged the award for Best Supporting Actress Drama for her […]

On the Film Harishchandrachi Factory

Nov 25, 2009

by Suhrid Barua Harishchandrachi Factory, the directorial venture of veteran theater personality Paresh Mokani, was screened at the Baird auditorium located on the Constitution Avenue level of the National Museum of Natural History, as part of the recently held 2009 South Asian Literary and Theater Arts Festival (SALTAF). As on expected lines, the screening of […]