One Country, Different Cultures

Mar 7, 2011

by Priya Chhaya Everyone always tells you how complicated planning a wedding is, but I never actually understood until I found myself knee deep in working on address labels for invitations, multiple tastings for Indian food (not necessarily a bad thing) and trying to figure out what to say during my sister-of-the-bride speech. Then there’s […]

…And that’s the Beauty of the Open Mic

Jan 14, 2011
…And that’s the Beauty of the Open Mic

by Priya Chhaya It is a chilly Monday evening and I step inside a room on the second floor of a building along U Street in Washington, DC.  I am, as usual, casually late, thirty minutes to be specific which is really on time, if you think about Indian Standard Time (IST). As I walk […]

Getting to Know You: Making Connections

Oct 16, 2010

by Priya Chhaya When I was younger there were three things that I feared when my parents told us we were taking a family trip to India. The lack of American/European toilets (something that has mostly ceased to be a problem), spending time with cousins I barely knew, and consequently wasn’t sure I liked, and […]