A country of contrasts

Sep 14, 2009

by Avani Nadkarni It’s almost like a rite of passage for any Indian-American born to immigrant parents: the trip back to the subcontinent. I have gone “back” to India approximately every four years since I was four years old, taking the 24-hour journey from Seattle directly across the world to Mumbai. When I was younger, […]

Wedding — or Bollywood film?

Aug 31, 2009

by Avani Nadkarni. I went to a wedding a couple weeks ago and was one of 650 guests. When I tell this to the average American, I get at least a dropped jaw or speechlessness. When I tell the average Indian-American, I simply get an unsurprised nod. Weddings are the lifeblood of Indian-American society. During […]

The Slumdog Effect

Aug 12, 2009

by Avani Nadkarni. I was driving home from work one day last week when I heard my favorite new song on the radio. The usual half-asleep mode I get lulled into while driving the 55 minutes was shaken as I forgot about any cell phone driving rules, excitedly began calling all my closest friends, leaving […]

An Indian Girl by Any Other Name

Aug 3, 2009

by Avani Nadkarni. A person’s first name is a huge part of their identity. As a woman, it’s the one part of your identity that stays constant, whether you get married or not. Parents think long and hard about what their child’s first name should be, because it’s the first gift they can give their […]